Janis is Alive

Janis is Alive

Did you know? Give yourself the chance to listen to Janis, live, today! Not only the ones who lived in the sixties had this luck, find out where and when, Janis is ALIVE!!!


The band is spreading the message all over, with the powerful impact of their live shows, a performance that will bring you back to the fabulous sixties! Find out more on the tour page!
New Album Release

New Album Release

A brand new album, everliving tunes with a powerful and fresh sound, a real tribute by the ONLY tribute! Soon on line, on sale…on the loose!

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Sabato 13 Dicembre Altekaserne – Zurigo

Da Woodstock al CrossRoads. Janis joplin, Doors e Jimi Hendrix – 28 novembre 2014

da woodstock al crossroads - janis joplin + doors + jimi hendrix - 28 novembre 2014

Da Woodstock al CrossRoads. Janis joplin, Doors e Jimi Hendrix – 28 novembre 2014 „Lo show della J.J. Band – Janis is Alive infatti, come […]



E’ stata una delle rivelazioni della scorsa sessione della trasmissione The Voice. Gianna Chillà e la sua potente voce, continua a scaldare i cuori di tutti gli […]


Janis Joplin was not only an incredible artist, but also the bringer of a message that she spread with all the deepness she was capable of.
The historical context (60’s and early 70’s) was a period of great changes, true revolutions in which freedom and love were the core of the youth cultural movement, not only in America, but worldwide. The time we’re living in is experiencing an historical recurrence, and there’s a growing need to spread a message of hope and union, and we decided to do this following the steps of Janis, steps that too soon stopped leaving their mark.
There’s still so much to say…